Olds, Low, and Slow

In the midst of imports, trucks, race cars, and widebody body panels this 1960’s Oldsmobile glimmered in the late-morning sunlight. Freshly being detailed it’s like being first in line at a Krispy Kreme when they just turned on the fresh hot and ready sign. I sadly didn’t get to spend too much time on her as the crowd was getting bigger and bigger. I tried to take as many detailed shots, but as you can see she was a big old girl. Hard to even catch her all with my 24-70 lens. Owned by Eric Conner, this is his own personal car that he and his shop SoCal Suspension did. Glad to have waited out the crowds for this beauty. I’ve been seeing magazine shoots on her all over instagram so can’t wait to see what other photographers create, because this is one masterpiece.

High-Res Flickr Olds, Low, and Slow Set







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