Those Damn Dutch!

It’s always awesome to go to the Cars and Coffee meets. There’s always different cars out there. Especially when it’s a rare exotic car you only see in your fav. car magazine or fav. show.

There’s also a deeper respect you develop when seeing a car up close in person. You also start to notice lines that the car has that you couldn’t see from pictures and videos.

This month was no exception. A targa top orange Spyker was on display. At first seeing it in magazines and on top gear I liked it but never really enough to say if I had the money this would be a serious candidate to get. Until I finally saw it in person and I have to say it is a beautiful piece of kit. I just love the the exterior and how aggressive it is without being too serious. The interior is a given on how gorgeous it looks and that gear lever ha so cool looking. wish I had a chance to hear it but seeing it is good…for now ha.










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