Cars and Coffee – March 20th, 2010

Hate going to these things, cause by the end of the day after you wipe the drool off your chin, you head back to your car. You stare at it for a second, shake your head, and say something like, why couldn’t you’ve been a Ferrari. Most likely out of hurt feelings your car doesn’t want to turn on after that. But before all that happens, you walk around for a good hour or two and just gawk over the most beautiful, rare, outrageous cars you dream about buying. And every now and then you hear them while taking off or just arriving to join its brothers.

A quick few teasers till tomorrow:




Those Damn Dutch!

It’s always awesome to go to the Cars and Coffee meets. There’s always different cars out there. Especially when it’s a rare exotic car you only see in your fav. car magazine or fav. show.

There’s also a deeper respect you develop when seeing a car up close in person. You also start to notice lines that the car has that you couldn’t see from pictures and videos.

This month was no exception. A targa top orange Spyker was on display. At first seeing it in magazines and on top gear I liked it but never really enough to say if I had the money this would be a serious candidate to get. Until I finally saw it in person and I have to say it is a beautiful piece of kit. I just love the the exterior and how aggressive it is without being too serious. The interior is a given on how gorgeous it looks and that gear lever ha so cool looking. wish I had a chance to hear it but seeing it is good…for now ha.


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White EK9 Beast

I did a quick shoot of my friend’s Ek9 hatch. He has changed that car more than I change my underwear. I mean change everything, not just little bits here and there. This car is just a prime example of hard work (mostly done by him) and just loving the car modified scene. I work with the guy and all of the crazy, funny, out of his mind antics he does at work, you’d scratch your head thinking “HE built that?” lol!

But like they say, “The Car is a representation of it’s owner”

Yeah, fucking MAD!

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Always wanted to start a website or a blog on just about my photography. With more of my photos being viewed on forums I wanted a place where people can go to and check out my other work and other tidbits about the photo shoot or certain shots and what not. Sure I can do that on Flickr like how I’ve been doing, but its time to move up and present myself and my work a bit more professionally.

So welcome, this is my own studio, business, label, whatever you want to call it, El Fuego Studios.