Making My Way Downtown

So where in the world was Doritos? Well, I had a bunch of trips lined up and the only one that I went through with has been my Seattle adventure. After a day being back I came down with a nasty cold, hit me hard that I had to miss Turner Evo in daytona this past weekend. As for Liberty Walk 2, the tickets got sold out and was just unmotivated to go. Thankfully my trip to Seattle was what I needed to relax, get so much shit off my shoulders, and just enjoy a real vacation with friends. Seattle left me wanting more in life, yeah the whole cliche of there’s a whole new world out there, opening your eyes, and all that bullshit, but it’s true. You do this whole routine day in and day out and you go to this foreign city and you’re slapped with this new culture. I just fell in love with the city as you can tell. I’ve been eyeing at jobs not going to lie, there might be something there for the future who knows. Enjoy the pictures of Seattle, I definitely did.

Flickr Hi-Res Downtown Seattle Set




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