That Rough Life – RWB Orlando

Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year’s over the weekend. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year for me, but I’m glad where things are heading. Photography wasn’t my highest point for the year 2016 from the previous years, I’m hoping to change that this year. My biggest photography event has been The Rolex 24hours so I’m hoping to get media credentials to bring you some crazy photos. Lots of car meetups coming this year, Eibach will be coming to Florida for the first time for a huge Honda Meet, maybe going up to TN again for the Riverside Meet Up 2, going up to Virginia for Spring Fest, and maybe SEMA this year. Hope you guys stick around, it’s going to be a busy year for my camera.

For now here’s a quick shoot of Joseph’s gorgeous 993 RWB Porsche at last month’s Winterfest Meetup in Tampa. There’s also a sweet mini documentary of the buildup made by Krispy. Enjoy the video and my shots, get ready for The Rolex!

Youtube Video RWB Orlando

Flickr Hi-Res RWB Orlando Set

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Making My Way Downtown

So where in the world was Doritos? Well, I had a bunch of trips lined up and the only one that I went through with has been my Seattle adventure. After a day being back I came down with a nasty cold, hit me hard that I had to miss Turner Evo in daytona this past weekend. As for Liberty Walk 2, the tickets got sold out and was just unmotivated to go. Thankfully my trip to Seattle was what I needed to relax, get so much shit off my shoulders, and just enjoy a real vacation with friends. Seattle left me wanting more in life, yeah the whole cliche of there’s a whole new world out there, opening your eyes, and all that bullshit, but it’s true. You do this whole routine day in and day out and you go to this foreign city and you’re slapped with this new culture. I just fell in love with the city as you can tell. I’ve been eyeing at jobs not going to lie, there might be something there for the future who knows. Enjoy the pictures of Seattle, I definitely did.

Flickr Hi-Res Downtown Seattle Set




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First Random Snaps of 2016

2015 was such an up and down year for me. I can get into the whole personal stuff, but it gets no one anywhere. What’s done is done, now for my photography work for 2015 it has been a huge jump in exposure. Again, this is still a hobby of mine as I would love for it to be my full-time job, but I’m still not there yet personally. This past year I’ve made so many new friends, met many followers. It’s surreal at times when I get stopped at shows to say ‘hey man i follow you, love your work/car’ it’s an awesome feeling I must admit. Lately my photography has been more as therapy, either hanging out with friends, by myself, it’s something about dusting off my camera and I look through that viewfinder and my worries just leaves my mind.

I needed that today so my buddy Mike woke me up around 11am and told me to meet him at the Starbucks near downtown Eau Gallie. It’s been over 2 weeks since I’ve moved my S2000 as well, so that was another treat for today. After some much-needed caffeine we drove around and spotted some cool locations for some pictures. We’re not much known for cool graffiti walls so there’s only so much we can shoot around here. It was the right amount to get me out of this funk and I appreciate Mike for getting me out. Anyways, here are the couple snaps. Lots going on these next few months though so I can’t wait to show you all the upcoming Motorsports events and meets and shows!

Flickr for the Hi-Res shots – S2000 and CC

Autumn Is Here!

Well, not the Autumn you’re thinking about, but it’s just as cool looking. Just 3 weeks ago I traveled all the way to North Miami to take delivery of my first real luxury vehicle. A beautiful full serviced records Black on Black 2010 Audi A4 Avant Quattro, fully loaded, navi, hdd audio system, sport package. I really did find the avant of my dreams. It’s been through the oil consumption recall so with only 50k miles it has a brand new motor.

Of course the mod list was already started, Air Ride, Wheels, Grill, CF Front Spoiler, LED Tail Lights and hopefully Stage 1 chip before EuroTripper Feb 2016. Of course Summer is a little jealous, because a few weeks ago she decided to debead herself causing the tire to get sheadded. The 305’s I had on there are on national backorder so I ended up going down a size to 295/35/18s. Little stretchy but it’s not too bad. I may dial down the mod list to just Air Ride and wheels because I really want to start the power mod project for Summer. We’ll see how the rest of the year goes. Here are a few snaps of Autumn, I PS the height fyi.

The Hooman Body

Taking pictures of the meat bags that roam around this earth hasn’t always been my thing. I’ve always been fascinated by model/candid/portrait photography like Van Styles, jeebus does he kill it or what. I just spend hours going over his work, his BTS video is just as impressive. Not to mention his gear he can get, but its what the person behind the camera makes of it.

Hopefully next month at SoWo I’ll be able to do more people shots, it’s fun when you get in the mix of things but i’m far aways from actually modeling stuff. 

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50 Shades of Summer

This year will be my 10 year anniversary with my baby girl, I feel like I need to get her something or do something for her… maybe take an amazing photoshoot with an awesome backdrop and print it out. Hmm, we’ll see how the rest of the year looks like. I did want to start in the power department but my stupid head can’t keep its mind on what to do. But how she sits now I couldn’t be anymore happier. Its exactly what I wanted her to look, aggressive as hell and breaking necks.

Couple of life changing moments has happen this year so I’ve been trying to deal with that as best as I can. The only thing I can turn to that can make me feel better or forget my stuff is my photography and Summer. I just get into a groove, my own world, it’s just me and my work. At my worse point one day I decided to stop by a location along side the beach to take my mind off of things. These are a little dark than my usual edits but I think it fit my mood at the time. Anyways, enjoy everyone.

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The Writing’s On The Wall

Last weekend I spent the weekend with my girlfriend getting to know Miami and it’s popular spots. The first day there we got to hang out with a fellow photographer and media director at Lamborghini of Miami Emil Garcia. He gave us a quick tour of the dealership and it was insane, amazing gorgeous cars everywhere you turn.

After hanging out we went to our hotel to check in and to relax while we wait to head to dinner which we decided on a very popular burger place called Rok Brgr. OMG it was so good, best burger I’ve had in a very long time. It’s up there with In n Out, I know that is a very high standard to be at but it’s that damn good. Great food, good company, lots of laughs, it was an awesome night.

The following day we checked out of our hotel and headed out to explore Miami and we headed to the Art District of Miami called Wynwood. I’ve been here for 3 years straight when the graffiti event the Art Basel. Walking around, snapping pictures, reminiscing back in the “old days” where certain walls were still up and what art was where. We had an awesome time but sadly not enough time to see the whole area as we had other stuff to do. We fell in love with the city and we can’t wait to go back! Enjoy the pictures and a expect a lot more through out the year from this lovely city ❤

Flickr Set – Wynwood 2014

Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal

Another Christmas time come and gone. Ever since moving to Florida we haven’t had the usual huge family get together’s like we did in California. It’s especially been smaller the past few years with my brother gone on deployment. I think the best one we had as a family was picking up my brother from his deployment a week early and surprising my parents on christmas eve, that moment will always live with me.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, making memories and enjoying loved ones company. I couldn’t have two people next to me that I wanted badly but there’s always next year.